FileMaker Platform Key Features

Version 19 FileMaker Platform Just Released!

  • New in Version 19!! Add-On Feature to incorporate new pre-designed components into an existing application
  • New in Version 19!! Create new files directly in FileMaker Cloud
  • New in Version 19!! Card windows in FileMaker WebDirect™

  • Industry Standard AES-256 bit Encryption of Data At Rest
  • Industry Standard Encryption of Data In Transit between FileMaker Server and various FileMaker Platform clients
  • Field Level Encryption of Data
  • Enhanced Privilege Set controls for various External API's, including AppleEvents and ActiveX
  • Industry Standard Identity and Access Management including integration with oAuth2 OIDC, Active Directory, Open Directory, and local Server Security Accounts and Groups
  • Hosting by FileMaker Server for access by a variety of Windows, Macintosh, iOS, and Web Browser clients
  • FileMaker WebDirect™ Access Through FileMaker® Server runs database directly in web browser
  • Support for accessing data using REST API
  • Single Unified FileMaker Server
  • Enhanced User Interface for iOS Tablets With FileMaker® GO